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Please be aware that, due to the exponentially growing demand and increased workload, we have decided to shut down most of our component retailing activities. This will allow our staff to focus their efforts on core business tasks and allow targeted progress in line with our main mission objectives.

Essentially this means that the components listed below and in the navigation pane to the left, are EXCLUSIVELY available as upgrades or peripherals to our SMS Gateway Appliances.

Individual purchases which are not related to an SMS Gateway Appliance will be rejected.

If you desire to upgrade existing SMS Gateway equipment with components selected here, please make sure to forward us a copy of the serial numbers of the related assets and your contract information.
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Add to cart Pandemonium SMS Gateway Appliance PDM500-1U€ 18.999,97€ 22.989,9612 monthsYES  
Add to cart Pandemonium SMS Gateway License for 1 User€ 298,99€ 361,78DistributorYES  
Add to cart Pandemonium SMS Gateway License for 10 Users€ 2.398,99€ 2.902,78DistributorYES  
Add to cart Pandemonium SMS Gateway License for 25 Users€ 4.998,99€ 6.048,78DistributorYES  
Add to cart Pandemonium SMS Gateway License for 5 Users€ 1.298,99€ 1.571,78DistributorYES  
Add to cart Pandemonium SMS Gateway License for Unlimited Users€ 9.999,00€ 12.098,79DistributorYES  
Add to cart Pandemonium SMS Gateway Mail to SMS Option€ 1.998,70€ 2.418,43DistributorYES  
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